People want a happy ending.  This is why many people read fiction and watch movies.  They want the lovers reunited.  They want the killer caught.  They want resolution.  They want to know that everything is going to be OK.   We use fiction and films as escapes from reality.

But there is a problem with this.  The more we read or watch fiction, the more our own lives will seem miserable.   There often isn’t resolution with real life.  Sometimes things just happen and that is the way they are and we just have to deal with it.

Hollywood films all have happy endings.  Everything is fine in the end.  Foreign films rarely do this.  There is ambiguity. There is unfinished business.  There are often more questions at the end than answers.  Persian films are the best at this.  As one friend said, in Persian films somebody is crying, or somebody is dying.  They don’t end up well.  They reflect the irregularity, the unpredictability of life.

Here’s the advantage – if you watch a foreign film, especially a Persian one, your own life seems much better by comparison. Your own mess is far tidier.  Your own relationship squabbles are far more reasonable.  Your job is easier.  Your future looks bright.

I’ve read the idea that instead of going on vacation; why not create a life you don’t have to escape from?  So, extending that further, instead of reading fiction and watching movies all the time, why not create your own life to be what you want – or learn how to accept the “what – is”? The more you escape, the more the problem increases.  It is time to decide. Spend your life awake, or asleep?


About betsybeadhead

Hello, and Welcome. My name is Betsy, and I like beads and prayers. Fortunately those two things are more related than I ever realized. You are invited to “like” my Facebook page titled “Betsy Beadhead” and thus see what I’m talking about in my posts when I try to explain something using beads rather than words. This whole thing started because of that. Then I couldn't figure out how to post pictures so I just started writing. I string together words the same way I string together beads, and both serve the same purpose. I work at a library, surrounded by ideas brushing up against each other. I draw, paint, and collage. I study world religions. In all these experiences I like combining different things and making new things, and stretching my understanding of what “is” and what “has to be.” You are welcome to share my posts - just please give credit where credit is due. I'm anti-censorship but I'm also anti-plagiarism.
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